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The Flicker, Prayer

062789 The Flicker, Prayer

The Flicker, Prayer

A beautiful Flicker flew into our window and fell to the patio. He was stunned and lay there blinking. At first I sent healing energy from my hands, but I found that I could not imagine him healing, so I got my drawing supplies and drew the bird as happy, healthy, and upright.

Miri drew food and water for him, and also gave him healing rays. His mate was nearby in the rock garden, inconsolably chirping loudly. In a little while, he was able to stand up. Later he was able to make it a few yards to the rock garden with his mate. I would check on them periodically, and he was hopping around and getting stronger. Eventually they were able to fly off together. I was so grateful.

This is an excellent prayer method because it focuses on the positive result desired when it’s hard to believe there will be a positive result. To see more Left handed Drawings as Prayers see this Prayer Gallery.

Posted: 2/23/23

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