In the higher dimensions of reality, I feel totem become power animals. As children, we often have special relationships with pets. Many feel that their pets are angels, teachers, and companions! And in nature, we are drawn to certain birds, furry animals, insects, creepy crawlers, etc. around our yard and gardens.

As we go hiking, and camping and in wild nature, we learn our relationship with wild animals. Friendly, and not so friendly.

As we grow older, we may develop very close relationships with certain animals, and they enter consciously into our spiritual development and life.

Of course the Native Americans and indigenous people all over the world who relate to animals are Shaman. Healing is one of the most important aspects of a Shaman’s work. However, the animals have many gifts they share of many kinds with humans who are open and desire, the gnosis and friendship of their animal friends.

Medicine cards
I first learned about healing through the power of animals with the book,
“Medicine Cards”
The discovery of power through the ways of animals.
By: Jamie Sams & David Carson
Published 1988, Bear and Company

I drew the cards as suggested, long ago and others have come to me later through the years.