I moved here from the Washington DC area, I began working privately with 2 local healers. I am still working with them. Also I kept working with a healer back home by phone. I believe all healing of every kind is Spiritual.

During the coronavirus, we had to start working by phone. We realized we were a group working in the Spirit world. And somehow connected with many other planet healers in One Spirit. Our work built upon each other’s visions, prayers, and the specific modality of healing each offered. This, of course, included each one’s specific mission they had come to accomplish.

I began to realize we were creating an Imaginal World. It is based on John 14:2. Jesus speaking at last supper: “ In my Father’s House there are many mansions, If this were not true, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you, so that where I am, you may be also”. We realized this was one of the last commandments from the Earth that Lord Jesus left for His followers.

There seem to be 3 things that are helpful to start living in the Imaginal World.


  • We must try to leave the old world behind. In other words, we focus on moving into the Healed World, The New Heaven, New Earth that is manifesting.
  • It is most helpful to have all one’s bodily senses involved.
  • When we go to work, in Imaginal Living, we are actually in the Place Jesus Created for us.

This is based on Einstein’s quotes.
“A solution cannot be found on the level the problem was created.”
“Fantasy, Imagination has meant more to me than all the knowledge I have learned.”

The 4 of us began working as one in Mid December 2020.
I have created a binder of our work and keep all notes.

We discovered that we each had years of already building our mansion, as Jesus promised us. So it was simple to apply all the former years of Spiritual Work according to our own path to get to this point. Many Paths, One Spirit.